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What A Year!

Wow! 2022 came in quick, and sped up with every new day. Our first year in business was quite a ride, and we are so grateful to have taken so many of you along with us! We want to first start with a huge THANK YOU! Thank you for your orders, your showing up at all of our markets, sharing our posts, gifting our products, allowing us to be a part of your life celebrations, and for telling your friends and family about In The Stars Home and Body.

In February 2022 we started popping up at markets and gatherings monthly, did the Women's Expo in May, started selling our products in Akin Cooperative in August, Life is Beautiful in September, held our first Wellness Workshop in November, and ended the year with a bang by being a selected vendor for the Hallmark sponsored event "Enchant", a 38 day event that helped expand our customer base, and exposed us to a demographic that wouldn't have otherwise been reachable this year in our business.

We shipped packages as far as Honolulu, HI, and had multiple international guests purchase from us at Enchant, our most memorable was Ryan from London!

This year gave us more than we expected. I don't think we were able to even truly fathom what was to come. But we did it, and you were there every step of the way. We legit have the best customers, and close this year out with an attitude of gratitude.

There is so much more to come in 2023. Our CEO is currently studying to receive her Diploma in Natural Skincare Formulation to continue to bring you all the best products on a higher scale, and by Summer 2023 we will start the emphasis on the "Home" side of In The Stars Home and Body.

Thank you for buckling up and taking this wild ride with us, we are doing this good because of YOU. And we are all gas no breaks in 2023. Leggo!!!!!

Drink Water ~ Moisturize ~ Mind Your Business

~Queen B

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