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Why Do We Love Essential Oils So Much?

Happy #wellnesswednesday folks!!! We are a little late getting this post out because...we can't keep track of dates and times. After all, we celebrated #winewednesday on Tuesday and made Jambalaya on taco Tuesday. But here we are, so let's go!!!

I am often asked what my best seller is, and most folks would think I would say my RaeButter. Now don't get me wrong, they sell well, and are absolutely amazing. But my best seller is actually my essential oil blends, and they may be my best seller because I push and promote them more than any other product.

Why do I push them so much?

  • I trust and believe in the healing properties of essential oils

  • They have shown and proved repeatedly for me and others

  • Aromatherapy and essential oils are great for many internal issues

  • Essential oils can truly help you with most physical and mental ailments as well as with your emotions.

Essential oils provide a number of benefits to plants, and many of those benefits are passed onto the human body with appropriate application:

  • Anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-viral, and anti-parasitic protection

  • Restoration and regeneration from physical damage

  • Communication via chemical signals

Oftentimes we hear and use the words “alternative medicine”. It has become a buzz word frequently used to describe remedies like herbs and essential oils, but let's not get it twisted AT ALL, although some use it alternatively, plant medicine is indeed original medicine.

Throughout every culture, for thousands of years, plants have been used for medicinal purposes. Modern science has finally caught up and is quickly recognizing and validating the usefulness of plants as medicine.

Essential oils have the ability to affect the body quick, fast and in a hurry, and they are powerful. When used aromatically, aromatic compounds interact with the olfactory system and limbic system to encourage therapeutic chemical changes in the body. When used internally or topically, they interact directly with cells, organs, and entire body systems for health benefits. Pretty cool right?

So how do these powerful oils get to and through our systems. Believe it or not reflexology is a primary method to apply essential oils! If you have ever purchased a rollerball blend from me you know this, because I have educated you on the important areas depending on the area we are trying to target, but if you have not, or if you don't recall, take a look at these visuals.

Foot Reflexology is a highly effective method to bring the body systems into balance by applying pressure to specific places on the feet.

Hand reflexology can be utilized in a similar manner. The nerves in the feet correspond with various parts of the body; thus, the entire body is mapped on the feet, telling a story of emotional and physical well-being.

One way to find imbalances in the body is to massage all the areas noted on the foot reflexology chart and feel for triggers or small knots underneath the skin. When a trigger is found, apply an essential oil to the respective location on the foot and continue to massage the trigger until it releases.

Another way to use reflexology is to address a specific ailment.

Example: if a person has a headache, locate the brain on the foot chart and the corresponding point on the foot. Apply an essential oil of choice and massage the pad of the big toe to reduce tension.

If a person has a tight chest induced by stress, locate the lungs/ chest on the foot chart and the corresponding point on the foot. Apply an essential oil of choice followed by medium to light circular massage on the ball of the foot. The autonomic nervous system is then engaged, helping to alleviate symptoms and heal the body naturally, hence my saying "If there's an issue, there's an oil".

I absolutely LOVE essential oils because they are natural, there are rarely any side effects (although natural, if not diluted properly, some oils can burn your skin and you CAN be allergic to an oil), and they can have the same healing/aiding effect on and for your body as some medications. So the option to use them has been an easy one for me, and it is a no brainer for me to recommend the use of them to anyone I come in contact with.

Are you interested in learning more about essential oils, their healing properties, and the protocols in how to use them? Do you have an issue or ailment that you are dealing with? Do you need some additional reinforcements to help keep your emotions in check? There's an oil for that. Schedule an essential oil wellness consultation with me today

Or meet me this Saturday at Ferguson's Downtown at the Hey Maker Market, where I will be facilitating an Essential Oils Workshop starting at 11:30am

I look forward to hearing from you, and hope that this write up has increased your knowledge of essential oils!

Until next time. Take care of yourself,


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